Automatic EU VAT Reclaim

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PCI-DSS compliant

No subscription or set-up fees

Commission based

Automatic refunding

Automate and digitize the corporate EU VAT refunding process, even on small purchases. Minimize the manual paperwork and time-consuming processes. 

Intuitive solution

One embedded expense management and VAT reclaim solution for corporations. Easy and intuitive mobile and web flows for all cardholders, managers and finance professionals.

Reclaim VAT on all spend

Reclaim VAT on multiple spend types, from the complete corporate card spending to uploading invoices on non-domestic procurement.


The VAT reclaim process is handled in cooperation with PwC. This ensures that regulation and rules are complied with local requirements at all times.

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Automated and compliant system

Through our partnership with PwC we deliver an integrated digital solution to handle VAT reclaims in an automatic manner. The vast majority of companies do not reclaim VAT due to the fact that the application process is cumbersome or companies are simply not aware of VAT rules. Vattax is an integrated solution to our white-label expense management product. We use advanced OCR and AI technology to enrich, detect and automate most of the transaction data and information required to reclaim.

PwC is one of the world's largest accounting firms and leading VAT reclaim experts. PwC is the middle layer between the customer and the tax authorities.

What is Vattax?

Vattax is an automatic EU VAT reclaim function in a digital self-service solution connected to Expense Management. PwC is our trusted partner on our Vattax product.

How does it work?

Use your company card for payment. Take a picture of the receipt. Answer the questions from Vattax and submit your travel expenses. Receive your reclaimed VAT directly on your account.

How much does Vattax cost?

Vattax is commission based. Of the EU VAT amount the company gets refunded, Vattax takes a percentage of the amount as payment. Sign up to learn more.

How do I get Vattax?

Vattax is connected to Cardlay's Expense Management, so you must have Expense Management by Cardlay in order for Vattax to work. Already an Expense Management customer? Get Vattax now

Get EU VAT refunded from many countries

Vattax helps you get EU VAT refunded in all EU countries - including Norway and the UK. You just have to make sure that all employees use the Vattax app for travel expense refunding. Vattax enriches data and ensures that EU VAT is automatically refunded - from all relevant countries.

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Get one digital solution for handling business expenses and EU VAT reimbursement - 100% automatic and get rid of the hassle of accounting.

  • Automatic refunding

  • Intuitive solution

  • Reclaim VAT on all spend

  • Compliant